We are Students. We keep learning, so you can keep learning.


Our Mission

Since 2006, A-Frame Athletics has had the same goal: to teach people about their natural system and how to sustain a healthy life style. We TEACH people about their vessel, the tool that all of us are given to interact and find balance with our environment. 

And WHY would YOU NEED this?

We are DETACHED from our NATURAL environment. And the ADAPTATIONS our systems make are NOT SUSTAINABLE. These adjustments may even cause problems like CHRONIC PAIN that lead to PREVENTABLE surgeries, AUTOIMMUNE illnesses with no "known" causes, and emotional/psychological imbalances that create a sense of being STUCK with no place to BEGIN.

We want to EMPOWER our STUDENTS with education.

We want you to be AUTONOMOUS.


Studio C

Our humble studio is located  in Newport Beach near the 73/55/ and 405 freeways across from John Wayne airport. It is 1,250 square feet complete with 12ft/12ft mat space, cable cross machine, full kettlebell set, dumbbells, medicine balls, bathroom, changing room, and most importantly OPEN SPACE.

We have everything you need and nothing you don't.


Our Philosophy

We posses a very technical piece of equipment that can PROTECT us from harm or help us ADAPT to a certain way of living to sustain that safety. 

We are all playing catch up. 

We posses a system, not just a body, brain, muscles, or organs.

And with a system, the WHOLE is GREATER than the sum of its parts. 

We TEACH people how to BALANCE and NORMALIZE their bodies through learning proper MOVEMENT patterns, Myofascial STRETCHING,  ELDOA, as well as RESISTANCE and WEIGHT training. We address the FUNDAMENTALS of nutrition, sleep, MOVEMENT and water in order to bring the INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT into stasis and provide healing and growth.

We are all about the PROCESS. This is NOT FAST, CHEAP OR EASY.

The best things in nature always take TIME and ATTENTION to grow STRONG. We love GOALS, but once achieved, it's back to the grind. We believe in teaching our clients how to take care of themselves and become AWARE of their systems.


Our Process

FIRST, we find the WEAK LINKS in your system and in your habits. We will TEACH YOU about them and give you AWARENESS through learning about your ANATOMY and why these old injuries, poor habits or imbalances are causing disfunction.

SECOND, we TEACH you what FUNDAMENTAL tools can be effective to address these WEAK LINKS. Whether it be an adjustment in your FOOD OR WATER, a specific STRETCH or POSTURE, or a change in your SLEEP patterns, we want you to have the TOOLS to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF WITHOUT US.

THIRD, we APPLY. Growth and healing take TIME and CONSISTENCY. The best results come with SUSTAINABLE habits that last. We teach our clients that 


We realize that this is not what most people want to hear, but we don't care :)

This is not a popularity contest. We do not ENABLE poor habits. We do not FOSTER dependence. EVERY DAY we chop wood and carry water and teach other to do the same.

"Before enlightenment, chop wood. Carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water"

-Chinese proverb